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There are so many different types of savings and investment plans, so it is sensible to seek advice as to which ones are most appropriate to your needs....

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs)
ISAs are a tax efficient product in which to place cash savings and investments in Stocks & Shares and Collective Investments, as money is held in an ISA, interest which accrues is free of tax.

Every eligible individual has a personal ISA allowance of 15,240 for the 2015/16 tax year (6th April to 5th April the next year). This 15,240 includes anything deposited into an ISA from 6th April 15. It can be invested in one of three ways - all in a Cash ISA (from age 16) normally a deposit with a bank or a building society, all in a Stocks & Shares ISA (from age 18) or split across a Cash ISA and a Stocks & Shares ISA (minimum age 18). You can only subscribe into one Cash and one Stocks & Shares ISA in a tax year. Once again it is important to seek advice as to which product is most suitable to you.

Collective Investments
Most people prefer to invest in Collective Investments, such as Unit Trusts and Investment Trusts, as these funds invest in a portfolio of shares in different companies, in order to spread the investment risk. The investor is reliant on the performance of the Fund Manager and his team. You need to seek good advice, to try to ensure that funds you invest into are managed by people with a proven track record. Collectives can also invest in Fixed Interest and Corporate Bonds, which may be classed as lower risk equity funds.

We can build bespoke Multi-Asset. Portfolios.

National Savings products are offerings available from the UK Government. Investment returns tend not to be outstanding and you may be required to tie the money up for long periods. However, these investments can be low risk and in some cases tax-free. The Financial Conduct Authority do not regulate National Savings Products.

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